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Problem on restoring record

Question asked by TaylorJansen on Aug 5, 2013
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Problem on restoring record


     I have problem on restoring record. 

     In one layout, if I modify a field, it will trigger a script to update other fields in the layout. On the same layout I have a Cancel button to trigger a script to restore the record back to original. 

     I found that if I modify that field, then click the cancel button, the record can restore. Or If I modify the field then edit other fields then click cancel button, the record can restore.

     But If I modified that field then click on any space of the layout, and then click cancel button, the record is saved, not restored. 


     Is it because if I click on space of the layout = commit record?

     In Layout Setting, "autosave changes" is checked

     How to fix this?


     Script for OnObjectModify:

     If Table::Field A="XXX" 

     Clear Field B & Field C

     End If


     Script or the Cancel Button:

     Restore Record

     Close Window