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    Problem Opening Host File from Remote computer



      Problem Opening Host File from Remote computer


      I have my network working (almost), and have been adding sample files on the Host and checking them on the remote. I have had several cases where the file I just added & enabled on the Host will not open on the remote. I get the message: "Could not be opened (not found)". In one case I put 5 files on Host, 3 would open & 2 would not. I found that if I changed the name of the file, I could then open it on the Remote (had to enter password like it was a new file). Everything is enabled for sharing.

      Anyone know what is causing this?

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          What are you using to host the files? FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server? what version?

          In what way did you change the filename? What was the original name that didn't work and what was the name you changed it to that did work?

          In FileMaker, if you have multiple files that are linked to each other with external data source references (Found in Manage | External data sources...), changing a file's name or changing it's location will "break" the reference in the external data source entry in the other file or files and you'll get such a "file not found" message.

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            Thanks for reply.

            I use Filemaker Pro 10. I don't have anything linking any of the files. They are just separate databases. I have one that is named DataBase_Aug_09.fp7 (It was created on my earlier FMP v.7) that opened just fine. I had another named DataBase_12/08.fp7 that would not locate. I changed the name to DataBase_dec09.fp7 & then it asked for password & opened.

            In my network setup & testing, I may have used these same files earlier, trashed them & later reloaded them on Host. I there a memory in the sharing connection that loosing connection if you trash a file & later load it again? Not sure this was case, just searching.

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              Hey Plil, I think I found the problem. When you asked about the names, I noticed all that I could not locate files on the Remote that had a / in the name. When I removed the /'s, they now all work.

              Thanks for pointing me in this direction.