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Problem opening old files in new installation [mac]

Question asked by SimonSmith on Mar 15, 2013
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Problem opening old files in new installation [mac]


     Hey all,

     I just installed FileMaker 11 on a new computer. I was running it on my old computer just fine. On the old mac we upgraded from 10 to 11 without any issues. But with this new installation on the brand new mac I cant seem to open any of the old purchase orders that worked fine on my old computer. Guess the upgraded version on that computer just inherited the properties...

     Anyhow... The files wont open on my new mac with the new installation. The files are the same as with the old computer but all that appears in FileMaker when I try to open them are just random letters and symbols. This after I convert them to FP-format. I should mention that the files suffix are .unix - so maybe it's that FileMaker cant read them properly..?

     How do I fix this? Is it the files or what? Do I need to configure FileMaker somehow.

     *I'm not the one who configured it the first time on the old computer so I'm pretty new to that part.

     Grateful for any help!