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    problem printing labels....



      problem printing labels....




      I've been a Filemaker user for many, many years and recently upgraded to FM Pro 9... 


      Filemaker has gotten incredibly sophisticated since v2, my first version used.


      However, doing the simplest thing seems to be eluding me, and has for all this time.


      I just want to print labels, simple return address labels.


      I have identified Avery 5267, one of the templates in the label layout, but I cannot get this to work for me.

      The layout only includes text in one of the fields, and never seems to line up properly with the form.


      I have spent the last 90 minutes trying to puzzle this out.






      Stu Rosner 

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          Don't know if it will help or not but I've always created a new calculated field for all the info..in my mailing addresses..............then when you create a layout you have only one field to mess with if you need to tweak positioning - which you should not have to do.


          Like such......


          Field = Whole Address   (calculated)


             Trim(FirstNM) & " " & Trim(LastNM) & "¶" &
          Trim(Address )& "¶" &
          Trim(City & " " & State & " " & GetAsText( Zip))


          Hope this makes sense and helps!

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            I just made a form to print that exact label size.  :smileyhappy:

            Took me a some time tweaking the bottom border a pixel at a time. Got it though... at least for the printer I'm using...

            I'm assuming your relatively a newbie in FM7 and on...


            1. Make a layout tied to the table with your desired data.

            2. Drop the field or fields into it.

            3. Use your smallest font (6!)

            4. Delete the header and footer and go to the "View" pulldown menu and turn on "Graphic Rulers".

            5. Set the "body" border on the 1" marker.  The upper .5" is taken by the margin.

            6. Go to "Layout Setup" Select the "Printing" tab and select the "Print in " checkbox and set the # to 4 "Columns". I use the "Down First" option... you'll see why... Set the margins... I recall the top and bottoms are .5 and the sides .25.

            7. Save. Go into Find Mode and do a search to get at least 20 records as Found Records so you can see that you got the label height correct since these labels are 20 down... 4 across. If you selected "Down First" Your should see a full, single column in Preview... if ya don't...

            8.Go back and forth between preview mode then layout mode and zoom in real big and tweak the bottom a pixel at a time to get just the right height.

            9. Print it and hold it up against the label sheet to ensure the labels fit. 


            At first I got a column, but they still were either too small or too big. Eventually I nailed it. Too bad ya can't just download a form with the correct size on it eh?... or maybe presets for all the std label sizes would be a nice thing...

            It's easy to script it so it can start to print on any label on the sheet so you can use all the labels on incomplete sheets... just ask...!