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    Problem reading child records



      Problem reading child records


      Ok, I'm very new to Filemaker so please bear with me!  I have programmed in a few other languages, so I embarrassed to admit I am having a hard time with this.

      I am duplicating a record and also wanted to duplicate the child records.  The problem I'm having is that when I read the related child records I had to create a form with the child records on them (to get: Go To Related Record to work).  It works fine except I don't want to form layout to display!  It overlays the current screen.  I just want the script to be run in the background.

      Am I doing something wrong here?  Is creating a layout with the child data on it how everyone else would handle this?  It seems like there would be an easier way.




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          You can use Freeze Window to keep the changes from being visible to the user as long as your last script step returns you to your original layout.

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            Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried putting Freeze Window, but no matter where I enter it in the code the "child" layout still pops up. 

            I added: Go to xxxxx layout (the layout where I started) as the last line of code.  It seems to be working fine now (with the Freeze Window on top).

            Again, I'm new to Filemaker, but doesn't anyone else out there find it strange that you have to link a form layout to a script to read records for that table?  It seems I must be missing something.  That's just to weird.


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              I don't see a script step that returns you to your original layout. The Go To Related Records steps switches you to a different layout. When you are finished, you need to switch back.

              The basic outline for these types of scripts is:

              Freeze Window
              Go to other layout (Go To Layout, Go To Related Record...)
              Do what you need to do on the other layout
              Go To Layout [original layout]