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Problem reading in a number of XML elements into Filemaker

Question asked by goodhope on Nov 30, 2009
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Problem reading in a number of XML elements into Filemaker


Hello,I've have managed over the last day or so to successfully read some XML into Filemaker. I have however, had to strip out part of some elements names to do this. I'm wondering if anyone out there knows why this maybe?Please see sample XML file with problem element names (those in red, containing 'ukm:' in their names).<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Gazette Title="London" SchemaVersion="1.0" xmlns:ukm=""><Body><Category Type="25"><Notice Type="2508" Reference="901439"><ukm:Metadata><ukm:PublishDate>2009-08-24</ukm:PublishDate><ukm:SupplierNoticeID>494</ukm:SupplierNoticeID><ukm:KeyedBy>lynne</ukm:KeyedBy><ukm:Language>English</ukm:Language></ukm:Metadata><Person><PersonName>Rodrigues Silva</PersonName></Person><P><Text>Text Paragraph.</Text></P><Administration><Administrator>None specified</Administrator><DateSigned>Dated: 17 August 2008</DateSigned></Administration></Notice></Category></Body></Gazette>The error message I get on trying to import the above XML file into Filemaker is:Unable to resolve prefix 'ukm' pattern='Metadata/ukm:PublishDate'(Users/spare Gazette XML/Query_25_gazette.xslt, 35, 61) Remaining tokens: {'Metadata' '/')where my Apple Mac is called 'Spare' and the name of my XSLT is 'Query_25_gazette.xslt'. I guess that I need to make some amendment to my XSLT so that it understands the element 'ukm:' part to their names - but where would I do this and how.Thanks in advance for any assistance.Regards Nick