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Problem setting up ODBC import using SQL Query.

Question asked by TimMartin on Nov 4, 2010
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Problem setting up ODBC import using SQL Query.


Last year I created an inventory system that hooks up with quickbooks. I used QODBC plug in for Quickbooks as the means to create the ODBC Data source and then bring in and update data form quickbooks. This Data source is still active when I look at the import records odbc data source. The script that I created that has the sql query in it is still working fine. 

The problem is that I want to create a new import from the same data source. When I use the import record odbc command and select the ODBC data source from quickbooks nothing shows up in FileMakers SQL Query Builder. There are no Tables or Columns. I suspect that I could just build the SQL Query Manually but that just isn't as much fun. Any ideas on what may have happened. Or how to fix it.