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Problem to display current record from portal row to another layout for printing

Question asked by xtremu on Nov 21, 2011
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Problem to display current record from portal row to another layout for printing


 Im new in coding and am using Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced and working on a simple book borrowing system. I have 3 tables (book,student and history tables) and it works good except the printing layout that I made. In my book database layout I created portal to show fields like StudentName, check out date and time, due date and time, check in date and time. It's sorted portal records through check in time (descending order) for us to show this current record in the first row of the portal in the database layout. I created compute button to bring me in the printing layout having the same fields in the portal. Now, the problem is that the record shown in the fields in the printing layout is the first record let say it's 2 days old already and not the last or the current record we check in.

For example In my portal in the book database layout i have fields and records such as:

StudentName    Checkoutdate  checkouttime duedate         duetime     checkindate    checkintime         etc...

Robert Sy          11-17-2011    2:00PM         11-20-2011   10:00AM    11-20-2011     10:00AM 

Randy Uy           11-19-2011    2:00PM        11-20-2011   11:00AM    11-20-2011     01:00PM 

Richard Lim        11-19-2011    3:00PM        11-20-2011   09:00AM    11-20-2011     11:00AM   

Supposedly the second record will be in the first row of the portal because it was sort in descending order based on the checkin time (01:00PM) is the last or recent time we recorded or transact and need to show in the printing layout and ready to print, what happpened is that the first row (Robert Sy) is still in the fields of the printing layout which is supposedly the second row (Randy Uy)should appeared because it is the current and last record we made.

Is their any way or script that can update or can bring the current record from the portal of the book database layout to the fields in the printing layout so that you can print it right away?