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    Problem trying to print anything



      Problem trying to print anything


      Every application I have printed just fine when my hp laserjet P1005 printer was connected to one of my iMacs.  I recently bought Apple's time capsule, and I connected my printer to the time capsule.  My printer works fine now with every application EXCEPT Filemaker Pro 9.  Whenever I choose file print using FileMaker Pro 9, and then I either click on print or print to pdf, the Filemaker application closes.


      I tried using the Disk Utility program, and that program appears to bypass fixing the file associated with the printer.


      What should I do?




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          In OSX there is a printer driver, that may or may not be compatible with your new connection setup.

          There is also a printer instance that is established with Printer Setup Utility.

          This instance can become corrupt.

          Open the Printer Setup Utility in the utility folder in the applications folder.

          Highlight the printer instance and delete it.

          Click Add printer and recreate it, it should select the correct driver.

          A restart may be necessary.

          If this does not solve the problem, it is likely the driver in combination with the connection method and the application are not compatible.


           This Google Search is about "osx printer repair"


          Good Luck. 

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            I uninstalled the printer and then reinstalled it.  No change.

            I hope this doesn't mean that I will have to plug the printer into one of the imacs.  The printer worked fine before I got the time capsule.


            I copied part of the crash report below, hoping that you or someone can determine what can be done to fix this. 


            Process:         FileMaker Pro [211]

            Path:            /Applications/FileMaker Pro 9/FileMaker Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/FileMaker Pro

            Identifier:      com.filemaker.pro

            Version:         9.0.3 (9.0.3)

            Code Type:       X86 (Native)

            Parent Process:  launchd [74]


            Date/Time:       2008-12-20 16:54:00.995 -0600

            OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.5.6 (9G55)

            Report Version:  6


            Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)

            Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000005



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              I have now uninstalled the printer from the time capsule, and this time I connected it directly to my intel imac and added the printer. I can now print filemaker Pro reports if I press command-P and then press return.  However if I choose the print command from the menu and then attempt to click on anything on the print page, FileMaker Pro shuts down.  None of my other applications shut down when clicking on any option in the print page.


              Why is this a problem unique to FileMaker Pro?



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                I found three threads for people who have experienced the same issue as me (during the creation of PDF files on OXs, filemaker become unresponsive and then crashes).  The two solutions suggested are remove an Adobe Font and the other was instructions on Hp on how to uninstall and re-install the HP laser jet P1005 printer. Neither of these solutions worked for me.


                Being able to create PDF files from FileMaker Pro is very much needed for me.

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                  Thank you for your post.


                  I had an HP P1005 in my cubicle last month, and I did run into some problems when printing.  It would print fine the first time, but subsequent times would fail.  To get around this problem, I had to go back into Page Setup each time and reset it.


                  This did not affect saving as PDF.  This may be caused by a bad preferences or .lst file.  Knowledge Base article 6463 talks about this and I have included it below:




                  Saving records as a PDF using the script step or via the File menu option crashes FileMaker Pro on OS X.



                  We have identified 3 possible workarounds to this issue:


                  1. It is possible that your Adobe Acrobat Reader preference file is corrupted.  Remove the preference file for Adobe Acrobat Reader in the user library folder.  The following is an example of the location of the preference file:


                  Users/[user profile]/Library/Preferences/Acrobat Reader 5 Prefs.plist


                  2. It is possible that you may have a corrupt user account.  Creating a new user account may resolve the issue.


                  3. Remove the AdobeFnt08.lst file.  This is located in the following directory:


                  Home > Library > Application Support > Adobe > TypeSpt > AdobeFnt.lst



                  FileMaker, Inc. is investigating other possible causes of this issue.




                  A majority of cases have been #3 above, so I would try that first.


                  Let me know if this helps.



                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    Thanks, TSGal.  In my case, the solution that worked was to open the database file from another user account. 


                    I use that database every day, and I would like to have everything in one user account.  What is the easiest way for me to proceed?


                    Thanks for any suggestions.



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                      Hard to say what is the easiest way to proceed.  You could copy all of your files to the new user account....


                      Did you try step #3?  If this works, then you don't have to do anything!



                      FileMaker, Inc. 

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                        Yes, Step 3 didn't cure the problem.


                        I guess I'll slowly make the transition to another user account, but this problem doesn't exist with any other application.  Only FileMaker doesn't work properly.  I was hoping that I could simply reinstall FileMaker Pro 9.



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                          I just received word from one of our testers.  Here is what he has to say....




                          The HP LaserJet P1006 does not crash on Tiger (10.4.x), but it does under certain circumstances on Leopard (10.5.x).  This occurs with FileMaker Pro 8.5, 9.0 and 10.0.  Another customer with HP LaserJet 1505N has reported the same problem, but we do not have this printer to test.




                          I know it isn't the information you want to hear, but I thought you should know.



                          FileMaker, Inc. 

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                               @FredV: An excerpt from a crash report is useful for FileMaker to track down where the crash is occurring... however, it would be even more useful to include a bit more of the crash log.  There's a helpful part after the point you truncated which should show exactly where in the program (or the system) where the application was running just before the crash.
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                              The error report is too long to reproduce here.  You can download a pdf file of the error report by clicking on the following link.  I hope it helps.  I also re-sent the report to Apple.








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                                   The first three pages of that PDF should be sufficient.  Too bad attachments aren't allowed on this forum.
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                                  Rather than spending time on the error report which I don't understand, I created a new user account and ran filemaker pro 9.  From there, I was able to print my reports with filemaker pro with no problems. 


                                  This leads me to think that my printer problem is due to a library problem.  I plan to try to fix my user account by removing my preference files so as to get the mac to recreate the preference folder.  If filemaker pro works ok, then I will try to figure out which preference file is causing the problem by restoring preference files a few at a time. 


                                  Thanks to all for your comments.