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problem updating data

Question asked by dane1 on Feb 8, 2010


problem updating data




I installed filemaker 10, and justbuilt my first database for my work. It's a student report database used to give weekly reports to rehabilitation treatment centers that use our online highschool program. I have it set up in a sub-summary with the top sub-summary being the students name, and treatment center they are at, the body containing information about the students courses, and the buttom sub- summary containing the total progress for the week made by the student. Here is my problem.


The body shows the student's class data which includes the following feilds.


Course Name, Last Weeks percentage, This Weeks percentage, the Gain the student made in this week, and the student's overall grade in the class.


The whole point of building the database was to eliminate as much as possible, the need to key in data by hand. But I do not know how to allow filemaker to update the existing data with the new week's data. What I want is this: to be able to have filemaker match the class with the new data, put the new percentage in the "this weeks percentage" feild, and move the old percentage to the "last week's percentage" feild.


Justfor information, I am using the MacOSX version of filemaker 10, and I am planning on keeping this database in-house on our companies office server.


I would appreciate any help that you could give.