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Problem w/custom Help menu (FMP 11 Advanced-OSX)

Question asked by mattb on Sep 8, 2010


Problem w/custom Help menu (FMP 11 Advanced-OSX)


I'm reusing the FMP Help menu (the special Help menu with the Search box at the top).  I've entered 3 menu items, the third of which has a submenu of 4 items coming off of it.  The problem is that the specified submenu is never displayed.  The arrow indicating there should be a submenu is showing off to the right, but my "custom" submenu will not display.  If I change the submenu definition to be a FMP submenu such as [Product Documentation], then that submenu shows.  The submenu I'm trying to attach works just fine when assigned to other menu items that are not contained in the Help menu.  So...what's the deal with this?  Are custom submenus not allowed when inserted into the Help menu??  I'm attaching a screenshot of my Help menu where the 3rd item has the submenu arrow but doesn't show the submenu.

Matt Bloomfield