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    Problem w/Value Lists



      Problem w/Value Lists


           Hi -

           I'm creating a special layout for a data summary table that needs to look a certain way, and which I will turn into a PDF for export.  I've assigned a value list as a drop down menu in one field (15 choices) that will appear in the first column of this table, which is working well.  Upon selection of one of the 15 items I need another field in the second column to autopopulate with a specified value based on a formula.  This too is so far working well.  However, I've only been able to get this working for one row in my table.  When I copy and paste field with value list, and then exit layout mode to try and use it, I can choose an alternate value from the list without a problem but it changes the first field to the same thing I'm now assigning in my second field. 

           Does anyone know a way around this?  Also, is there a way to use a drop down list to select an item, and then write a script to prompt "Do you want to add another row to this table?" so that when the user selects yes, they get to keep selecting items until the table is complete?  Sort of like a macro in MS Word would do?




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               You are making copies of the very same field when you do this on your layout. Instead, you could consider two alternatives:

          1.           Go into Manage | Database Fields, define two new fields (1 is your calculation) and then return to your layout and use the field tool to add them to your layout.
          3.           Use a list view or portal to get your multiple rows of data and then you would add more records while in Browse mode to get additional rows of data.
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                 THANK YOU  

                 OK, just to make sure I've got this right using option 1:

                 In my table...fields section...

                 a) I have a field, type=text, Indexed, By Value List (this is my 15 options);

                 b) I also have my second field, type=calculation (used case and it's working fine). 

                 When I go to layout mode, I use field/control tool to enter a new field, one which will have my value list (Inspector Tool allows me to assign the value list), and the 2nd field, which contains my calculation.  

                 I did this step for row one, and it works no problem.  I did the step again for row two, repeating from ..."field/control tool to enter a new field" but it's not working.  The same thing is happening as noted in original post.  I select a value from my list in the second row and it changes my original selection made in my first row.  

                 I'll look again tomorrow.  There's got to be something I'm not interpreting correctly from your instruction.   I'll also see if I can use option 2 after getting some sleep.  Ha!!



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                   Perhaps your 2 rows are both on the same record and you are using Form View? Try using List View so that each row is a separate record.

                   If you need 2 value lists on 1 record then you might make them separate fields such as List 1 and List 2. You can attach the same value list to both fields if that is your desire.

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                     What you are doing is putting the same field on your layout over an over again instead of a new field or (and this most likely the right option) a new record--something that you do in browse mode.

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                       OK, so hopefully there's a simple solution to this one.  If I'm using the following code:

                       Case (Row_2 = "ABCD"; field1  & field2  & field3)

                       Is there a way to get each field to show up on different lines?  They show up as expected, but I want them all separated by a line so that 1 is on top of 2 is on top of 3.


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                         Also, is there a way to write into a calculation that returns text something like html code allows?  I.E. making text appear bold, or in italics for ex.?

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                           List ( field1 ; Field2 ; Field3 )

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                             This is great...however, unless I click into the field where things are listed, a "?" appears.

                             This is how I have it written:

                             Case (Row_2 = "ABCD"; List ( field1; field2; field3 ))

                             What gets returned when Row 2 says ABCD is:

                        "ABCD"     "?"

                             unless I put my cursor in the field where the question mark is...then it shows the desired result below.

                        "ABCD"   "field1"



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                               Make sure that your calculation's result type is Text. You'll also need to size the field to be three rows of text in height before you can see all of the data returned.

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                                 OK, got it.  Thanks!  It's looking really great now.  Is there any way to force a break between each item? Skip a line?  I tried inserting "" for empty text as part of my list, but it doesn't work.  

                                 I'll keep tooling with it.  

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                                   Actually, I see if I insert a space between my quotes it works :-)

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                                     Hmmm...my last post evaporated.  I figured out how to force the break.  Thanks!

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                                       Perhaps you didn't click the control for page 2.

                                       You could also change the line spacing setting in the Inspector's appearance tab to increase the vertical spacing between lines of text...

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                                         Hi Phil - (and anyone else!),

                                         Case (IsValid ( Field1 ); List (Field1; Field2; Field3))

                                         This returns the values I want, but not in the format I would like.  is there a way to format this so that all values in referenced fields show up in a row rather than one on top of each other?  Also, I'm looking for a way to insert a line break.  I've looked through the text formatting options and I don't se anything appropriate.  Am I missing something obvious?

                                         Thanks so much!



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