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Problem when accessing remote file on FMS11

Question asked by disabled_satoshifujisaka on Apr 9, 2011
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Problem when accessing remote file on FMS11



We have a remote FMS11 running outside of our office, and each staff access remote file via remote access -- only one MacMini cannot do this.

Macs that can access FMS are several, some are IntelMac, others are G4/G5 and most are FM8.0v3, one is FM11 Advanced v3.

That MacMini cannot access FMS is with Intel processor+OS10.5.8+FM8.0v3, and I have tried the follwings;

  re-install FM8.0v3

  uninstall FM8.0v3 and install FM8.5v2

  uninstall FM8.5v2 and install FM8.5v2 Advanced

  try to access FMS with both common name and IP address of FMS

  confirm port 5003 is open (other Macs can access that FMS)

Can anyone let me know what is to try or confirm next?