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    Problem when adding new record manually



      Problem when adding new record manually


      FMP - 10.0v3  -  Mac OS  - Novice


      As soon as I select Command / N, to add a new record, I get the following message:


      "There are no records that match the criteria."


      Then I select "OK" from the message and the screen looks like it is ready to accept data, but I have click on the first field I want to enter.  In my other databases, when I add a new record it always automatically goes to the first field for input. 


      Thanks for any help in advance.



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          It sounds as if you are in Find mode, not Browse Mode because the message that you receive is the one given when a user has entered search criteria that do not match any existing records.


          So, check the mode (View Menu). The Cmd-N combination performs a New Request in Find Mode, and a New Record in Browse Mode.