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Problem when importing ALL records from other (open) FMPro database files

Question asked by mJn on Nov 7, 2013
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Problem when importing ALL records from other (open) FMPro database files


     I have a number of users (7) each with an identically formatted database, but with different records within them.

     I'd like to be able to search all the databases from any other database.

     To do this, I have a script that creates a temporary layout where all the records are imported from each of the individual databases, creating one consolidated list of records. This can then be searched (but not modified at all).

     Problem: It works fine - except -  if user B has their database open and is viewing only a subset of their records (i.e. they have done a search of their database). In this case, then the import script when run on the user A database only imports the records of User B that are visible to user B at that moment (rather than all of user B's records).

     There is no problem when other user databases are not open (or are open, but are showing all records).

     Each user database has up to about 1000 records, most user databases have less than 100 records.

     Q: Is there a way I can force the import script to import ALL records, and not just those that a re currently visible?

     Or perhaps there is a much better way to achieve this...?

     We are running FMPro 10.

     The script currently looks like this: