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    Problem when opening one specific  file



      Problem when opening one specific  file


      Hi, I am new here, but here is the problem I am moving from fp7 to fp9 in the procees I had to recover the six files I use using fp9. Everything worked fine all six files had all their records and appear to be working properly, except for one small problem I have a file called "job sheets" and one called "master list" when I open "job sheets" I get a message from fp saying that the file "master list" cannot be opened (not found) and then I get window to locate it, and when I hit cancel the "job sheets" file opens, this does not happen with any of the other files. Is there a way to fix this? This only happen after recovering the files.



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             It sounds like "master list" is referenced as an external source by "job sheets" and "master list" cannot be found. Once you get "job sheets" opened, go to  File->Manage->External Data Sources and make sure that the source pointing to "master list" points to the right file reference.
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            Recovering the files also renames them in most cases. I'm assuming you then edited your file names to change them back to your original names. In doing so, I'd guess you got a filename that is at least one letter (possibly a space) different from the original.


            You likely have a script that attempts to open your file by the original name and can't find it due to the accidental name change. (If this file is in a different folder, this could also cause the problem.) Since it can't find the file, it gives you that error message.


            You can either change the file's name back to it's exact original or update your databases' file references. Open File | Manage | External Data sources and look for entries that refer to your problem file. You may have more than one. At least one of these references is either looking for your file under the wrong name or in the wrong folder. FInd the right one, correct it and your script will run find. If you have multiple references to the same file, you may have to examine your script to figure out which one is being used when this message pops up.


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                 thanks to you both,  it looks like was a combo of file name and file path,  I took your suggestions and it appears the problem is solved thanks again