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    Problem with "Add a note" button/script



      Problem with "Add a note" button/script


      Hello everyone,


      The "Add a note" button used to work fine as I opened the contact management template and started to customize it. Now that I am done customizuing the template, I press the add a note button at the notes tab and instead of the cursor jumping to the notes windown for me to add text, the "add a note" button just makes the screen jump to the "Adress Tab"??? which of course means it is not taking the cursor into the notes windown for a note to be added. I thought maybe I did something while customizing the template, however I then proceeded to open a fresh "contact management" template and test it without me modifying/customize anything in the file and it is doing the SAME thing!!!, as if something in the programming got screwed in filemaker (perhaps a bug???)???? Any ideas/clues????



      Thank you


      P.S. The script for action "add a note" is still the original, I had never messed with it......

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          The script that is performed when you click this button needs a value in Contact Management::k_ID_Contact in order to work correctly. (The script should check for this and pop up a message if this is not the case, but it was not programmed to do that.)


          If you have an empty database, a found set of zero records or have imported records from an outside source without selecting the "Perform auto-enter options..." check box, clicking this button will do what you describe.


          If I had designed the contact manager I would have added the following changes to the Add Note script:


          If [IsEmpty ( Contact Management::k_ID_Contact ) /* No valid contact ID number */ ]

             Show Custom Dialog [ "Either there is no record present or the current record does not have a valid contact Id number..." ]


             //Put current script steps here

          End IF

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            Good catch and suggestion.  I have forwarded the information to Software Quality Assurance (Testing) so they can change this in a future release.



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              Thanks PhilModJunk! I think I get it now... I guess then I should just forget the add a note function since I in fact did inport my records into filemaker! maybe I can just add a field called notes and add date and text into it for reference. Do you feel that is the best solution for this now?

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                Your imported records need this missing ID number in order for the contact manager to work correctly.


                Option 1: Start with an empty copy of the database file and re-import your records--using the enable auto-enter option. If you now have a mix of imported and hand entered contact records, this may cause as many problems as it solves since your hand entered contact records will have a number and the imported ones do not.


                Option 2:

                Select File | Manage | Database | Fields, find the Contact Management::k_ID_Contact field and double click it to bring up the field options. On the Auto-enter tab, clear the Prohibit modification during data entry tab. Click OK twice to return to your layout.

                Enter layout mode and place Contact Management::k_ID_Contact on your contact management layout.

                Enter find mode, place "=" (without the quotes) in this field and click perform find. You've now found all the contact records that don't have an ID number.

                Click in the field and select Replace Field contents from the Records menu.

                Select "serial number" and select the "Update serial number in entry options?" check box.

                Click Replace

                Return to the auto-enter options for this field and re-select the Prohibit modification check box.


                Now your add note button will work on your imported records.