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Problem with "Add a note" button/script

Question asked by ACOPcharity on Aug 24, 2009
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Problem with "Add a note" button/script


Hello everyone,


The "Add a note" button used to work fine as I opened the contact management template and started to customize it. Now that I am done customizuing the template, I press the add a note button at the notes tab and instead of the cursor jumping to the notes windown for me to add text, the "add a note" button just makes the screen jump to the "Adress Tab"??? which of course means it is not taking the cursor into the notes windown for a note to be added. I thought maybe I did something while customizing the template, however I then proceeded to open a fresh "contact management" template and test it without me modifying/customize anything in the file and it is doing the SAME thing!!!, as if something in the programming got screwed in filemaker (perhaps a bug???)???? Any ideas/clues????



Thank you


P.S. The script for action "add a note" is still the original, I had never messed with it......