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    problem with "notes" in contact management layout



      problem with "notes" in contact management layout


      I used the contact management layout template provided with filemaker.

      When I imported my contacts from Excell into Filemaker, Filemaker did not

      input a "date created" in the "notes" tab.  I have noticed that without a date

      in that field, I can not use the "notes" feature and add a note.

      Any new records that I create automatically have a "date created" entered and

      I have no problem with using the notes feature on those records.  

      Is there away to put a date created into the feilds that are missing one so I can

      use the "notes" feature on those records? 

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          You could use Replace Field contents to insert data into the same field of all the records in your found set. That might work.

          You could also re-import your data but select the Auto-Enter option on so that the current date is inserted in the date created field if it's set to auto-enter creation dates like I suspect it will.


          With both of those approaches, it's a good idea to make a copy of your file first in case you get results that you didn't want.


          or you could possibly just type in a date in the field just before you try to add a note? (the layout may or may not permit this, I don't have a copy of this database file at hand to check.)