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Problem with "saved as" file copy

Question asked by heatwave on Apr 7, 2009
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Problem with "saved as" file copy


I have just upgraded to Filemaker 10 from 8.0 and use a file named "quote" which connects products and pricing from a supplier with customer and project quotations. I can build a customized project price for our jobs as needed. It has worked flawlessly in the past. The base file "quote.fp7" is basically a template. When I begin a new project I will "save as" with the new name and location. One problem I notice is that I now have to tell the program where all the files are, even though when I check in database management, all the locations are correct. The biggest problem I'm having is that one of the tables is missing, even after I have manually told it where the file is. The template file shows the table correctly. Why would it be missing in a file saved under a different name?


Thanks for your help in advance.