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    Problem with a calucation not updating itself



      Problem with a calucation not updating itself


           Hi i have 4 fields with the following calculation in each one.
           (Field = calculation/value in field) (result)

           contract end date = date (date)

           Notice Range = contract end date - 30 (date)

           Days Left CAL = contract end date - Get(CurrentDate) (number)

           If(Days Left CAL < 0;"Passed";Days Left CAL & " "&"Left") (number)

           Please excuse if you find that there should have been a more efficient way of doing these calculation, I'm not that accustomed to calculation.

           When first setting this up the Days Left file value shows up correct.  I have a portal on a main screen layout showing all the contracts listed that have not passed.

           Problem is now as the days past, the Days Left value stays static unless i go into the contract record and recommit the contract end date field.

           Is there something that needs to be done so the values keep proactively updating itself?