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Problem with a class database and registrations.

Question asked by imedic on Dec 6, 2011
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Problem with a class database and registrations.


I am trying to improve my database a little. Right now my database is based off the registrations template. You can click on a button and it brings up a registration list that has all of the people listed in it. WHen you click on the icon to the left it runs a script that adds the person to the class. The problem is that when you do it closed the window so you can't add multiple people. I fixed that so the window stays open, but it resets to the top of the list. 

If I had 200 people, you could see how it would be time consuming. Is it posisble to have check boxes that I could check to "register" people for a certain class. 

I would like to also create an Add All button.

I am not sure what more information you need, but I can submit whatever you need. THanks in advanced for the assistance.