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problem with a relation on a calculus field

Question asked by bagheraa on Apr 1, 2014
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problem with a relation on a calculus field



     I have a database with three tables: months, incidencies and days, with the following fields:

     months: __kp_idmotn, year, month, num_incidences=count(incidencies::__kp_idincidences), zg_zero=0

     incidences: __kp_idincidence, date, year=year(date), month=months(date), total=sum(days::cost)

     days: __kp_idday, _kf_idincidence, cost

     incidencies and days a related by the fields incidences::__kp_idincidence = days::_kf_idincidence

     What I want to do is to count for each month the incidences of the month that have total>0.

     So I have set a complex relation between months and incidences:

     months::year = incidences::yerar

     months::month = incidencies::month

     months::zg_zero < incidences::total

     For this complex relation to work, I have had to set the calculus fields on incidences as indexed as needed, and it works fine for year and month. But I cannot set incidences::total this way, as it is dependent of another relation, and the field months::num_incidences show a question mark.

     What am I doing wrong?