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Problem with a Starter Solution

Question asked by SteveMartino on May 28, 2012


Problem with a Starter Solution


Hi :), hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.  Here's my problem du jour.

I'm using the Contacts Starter Solution...all was working well.  Backed it up, looked at it on my IPad & IPhone.  All of a sudden, the container field (hope thats the right term) that shows of the contacts address, doesnt appear anymore.  No map, just an icon.  I thought I may have done something, so I went to my back up, that wasnt map.  Went to drop box, iphone, map..

Any thoughts as to what may have happened, and how to get it back?  I did go to a blank starter solution to make sure all the original boxes were checked, and all the scripts werent modified.

Thanks for any help

Steve (again).