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    Problem with Access to Layouts



      Problem with Access to Layouts


           I have setup a privilege set that only allows access to a few layouts.  When I try to access them I get the filemaker "access denied" screen (as expected).  What I want to do is intercept that error before it is displayed so that I can display a custom message for the user and return them to where they started.  I have done a "Get (LayoutAccess)" check immediately when the script is called so as I can catch the error but the "access denied" screen is displayed even before that.

           What is the best way to accomplish what I am trying to do?

           Any ideas would be appreciated.

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               How do they get to that layout in the first place?

               You might set these layouts so they aren't listed in the layout drop down in the status area. Instead, add your own controls for navigating from layout to layout. Scripts can then check access permissions before visibly changing layouts. You can either check their Privilege set name instead of layout access before changing layouts or you can freeze the window, go to the layout, check layout access and then return the user to the original layout before displaying the error message that they don't have access.