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    Problem with automatically deselecting "Select All" check box



      Problem with automatically deselecting "Select All" check box


      I have been working on trying to solve this "Select All" check box problem and am not getting anywhere. I have a list of multiple schools, each with its own check box, and a "Select All" check box. My problem is when I check select all, then try to de-select one of the schools, "Select All" is still selected, which is a problem because its part of a script to perform a find. I need the select all check box to unselect itself when not all of the other options are checked. I would appreciate any help in solving this problem.




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          You might consider making "all" a button that looks like a check box but sets the check box field to a list of all values in the field--which can be easily done with the valueListItems function.

          A conditional format or Hide object when setting can update the appearance of this button when edits to the check box field remove a school from the list so that all are no longer selected.

          Let ( [ Vall = ValueCount ( ValueListItems ( Get ( FIleName ) ; "valueLIstNameinQuotesHere" ) ) ;
                    Vselected = ValueCount ( YourCheckBoxFieldHere )
                   ] ;
                   Vall ≠ Vselected

          Would work as a "hide object when" expression to hide  an "x" placed on top of such a button.