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Problem with calculated fields

Question asked by dash4689 on Feb 6, 2011
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Problem with calculated fields


I am not having any success in getting some calculated fields to work correctly.  They utilize data I have already entered in along with selecting the product from a field with a values list.  Following is a very stripped down version of the program to isolate the variables:

 1) I manually enter the data.

           Case:          Numerical data, manually input.

2) I select the product from a values list.

           X select product:            from table with the menu choices YO2, YO4, YO8

 3) Here I expect the data to be copied into whatever product field that is specified.

           Storage fields for the 3 products:

               If (x select product = "YO2"; x case; "")

               If (x select product = "Y04"; x case; "")

               If (x select product = "Y08"; x case; "")

Instead, it copies only into the first field created, YO2, and the other 2 stay empty. Only if I trash the second step, and manually input the number into a dedicated field will step 3 work.   I really want the to use a values list, or something similar, to ease the input task.

 I am running FMPro 7.  I have attached a photo showing the screen filling in fust the YO2 field.  If I select any other product, I get only blank fields.  

Thanks for your help.