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    Problem with changing value on specific date



      Problem with changing value on specific date


           I am a first time  user of this forum.  I am new to FileMaker Pro however I have recently completed a personal database for billing of services to my local hospital.  

           Each service has a total amount of units.  The service cost is the total units *$36.85.   This unit value increases by 3% on the 1st of November each year.   Obviously by changing this figure in the calculation will change all previously entered services. I have tried making a unit cost table and using a Lookup.   I know with a Lookup any change to the value in the table won't change any previous services   For some reason  I can't get this to work, it keeps returning an empty field .   Is it possible to right a script for the unit price field?

           Appreciate that it is probably  an easy fix .


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               You shouldn't need a script. If the lookup isn't working, something is either not set up right in your relationship to your look up field, the auto-enter field options or in how you enter/select the data that looks up this amount.

               The Invoices starter solution uses the Products table as a source of unit prices for records in the Invoice Data table. You might compare your set up to how it is done in this starter solution to try and figure out why it is not working.

               You can also take a look at this thread on the subject: Auto Fill

               And if that doesn't work, you can try describing what you tried to set up so that others can help you figure out why it didn't work for you so that you can get it to work.