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Problem with changing value on specific date

Question asked by FraserBarry on Mar 19, 2014
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Problem with changing value on specific date


     I am a first time  user of this forum.  I am new to FileMaker Pro however I have recently completed a personal database for billing of services to my local hospital.  

     Each service has a total amount of units.  The service cost is the total units *$36.85.   This unit value increases by 3% on the 1st of November each year.   Obviously by changing this figure in the calculation will change all previously entered services. I have tried making a unit cost table and using a Lookup.   I know with a Lookup any change to the value in the table won't change any previous services   For some reason  I can't get this to work, it keeps returning an empty field .   Is it possible to right a script for the unit price field?

     Appreciate that it is probably  an easy fix .