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    Problem with color of a scroll bar



      Problem with color of a scroll bar


      I have a text field with a scroll bar. I've set the fill (background) of the text field to a deep blue, and the text color to white. Via Format>Field Control>Borders, I've set the borders to white, so when I first move to a record the vertical scroll bar is nicely outlined in white -- including the little square that shows where I am in the document, and the directional arrows at top and bottom. Perfect.


      However, as soon as I click anywhere in that field -- on the scroll bar itself, or in the text-entry area -- the borders of the scroll bar, the little position square inside them, and the directional arrows all change from white to black, making them just about unreadable on a dark background. They revert to white if I click on an area outside that field, but revert to black each time I enter the field.


      Any way to change this? I've tried all kinds of things with the Format>Borders option, but no luck so far. 

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          Hi quickstudy


          > Any way to change this?


          No, but you can change the appearence and text of the field with conditional formatting so that, when the field becomes active, the fill change to white and the text color change to black.


          To do that leave, when in layout mode, the formatting of that field as usual ( black text on white backgrond ) but apply this condition to the field:


          Formula = 1


          and apply fill color dark blue and text color white.


          Now in browse mode you'll see the field blue with text white but, as soon as you enter the field, you'll see white field with black text.

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            Thanks for the suggestion, Daniele. The problem is that I want the field to remain blue (fill) with white text. I created it specifically to give me some variety from the default black text on white field, to relieve eyestrain.


            But I also would like to see the scrollbar once I start working in the field. If I can't do that, so be it; I know where it is, and I can live with it going dark. But I don't understand why it does that. In the default black on white version, the scrollbar doesn't do that. Instead, it goes from being invisible (when you first access a record, before you click in the field) to becoming visible. In my blue-fill field, it goes from being visible before I click in the field to becoming black (and thus almost invisible) once I click in . . .

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              The problem has no solution because we can't conditional formatting the pen color.


              BTW you can pass from a dark blue to a light blue ( when field is selected ) too.

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                   Not sure what you mean by the pen color. You're right -- I can look for a lighter blue against which the black scrollbar is more visible. I may try that -- not ideal, though.