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Problem with color of a scroll bar

Question asked by adcoleman on Feb 7, 2009
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Problem with color of a scroll bar


I have a text field with a scroll bar. I've set the fill (background) of the text field to a deep blue, and the text color to white. Via Format>Field Control>Borders, I've set the borders to white, so when I first move to a record the vertical scroll bar is nicely outlined in white -- including the little square that shows where I am in the document, and the directional arrows at top and bottom. Perfect.


However, as soon as I click anywhere in that field -- on the scroll bar itself, or in the text-entry area -- the borders of the scroll bar, the little position square inside them, and the directional arrows all change from white to black, making them just about unreadable on a dark background. They revert to white if I click on an area outside that field, but revert to black each time I enter the field.


Any way to change this? I've tried all kinds of things with the Format>Borders option, but no luck so far.