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    Problem with Column Totals



      Problem with Column Totals


           I'm a fairly new FM12 user so please bear with me.

           I have a very simple table which has two columns containing material costs: Cost1 and Cost2.

           At the bottom of this table I display the totals of each of these columns. For example $400 for Cost1 column and $600 for Cost2 column.

           In an attempt to display total costs I added a third column "Total Cost" and used the formula Cost1+Cost2.

           The problem is that every record in my table displays $1000 and at the end is the grand total of ALL records.

           Suggestions greatly appreciated.








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               What you describe does not "add up" in more ways than one. I think you need to describe your design in more detail.

               If cost 1 and Cost 2 are number fields defined in the layout's (or a portal's) table, then Cost1 + Cost2 should compute the sum of those two fields. But what you describe is more typical of incorrectly implemented summary fields in stead of fields of type calculation.

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                 Thanks for your response, sorry if I didn't explain things well:

                 Yes, both Cost1 & Cost2 are number fields. On each of these fields, I set the column to show "Trailing Subtotals". The correct totals do appear at the bottom of their respective columns.

                 I thought by adding a third field (Grand Total) I would be able to display the sum of Cost1 + Cost2 at the bottom of the new column.

                 This works but unfortunately the sum (cost1+cost2) appears in every record of the table!





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                   sum ( cost1 + Cost 2 ) is not the correct syntax for computing the total of Cost1, Cost2. Is that the exact form of your calculation?

                   Instead of trying to do this with table view, I would use List view where I can add specific layout parts for totals and subtotals to my layout.Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial


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                     Many thanks for your advice, will give this a try.