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    Problem with Container Field



      Problem with Container Field


           I created a container field to store an im age for each record. I did not select the global option as I wanted each record to be different.

           When I inserted an image into the container, it shows the same image for each record?

           How do I correct this?

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               Is your images in a related table?  If so your parent records must be link to the same child record or your container field is global.  

               Other than that, your I guess your databases might be corrupt because that is not normal behavoir for a container field, Container fields basically operates just like other field.  Run recover to test for errors.

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                 Any chance that you inserted the image while in layout mode? If so, you did not insert the image into a container, you inserted it onto your layout and thus, it appears on every record. If that's the case, you can return to layout mode, click on the image and delete it. Then switch to browse mode, click on your container field and insert your image file.

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                   Thanks for the help. I seem to have it right now. I was copying a drawing from a layout and pasting it directly as there is no menu to insert a graphic.

                   I realized I have to save the drawing as a file before inserting it.

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                     IF you choose to embedd a graphic in a container field (as opposed to using "store a reference" to insert a link to a file), you can paste or drag and drop an image directly into a container field. You just need to click the field before you paste into it and this needs to be done in Browse mode, not Layout mode.