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Problem with data base

Question asked by beverly_1 on Jul 2, 2009
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Problem with data base


Yesterday I was putting names (3) in my Version 6 data base and had hit save after each new name, when I went back to find the names did not appear.  I looked for the names again this morning and they were no where to be found.  This afternoon I called our IT department and again typed in the name of one of the teachers, could not find it.  But when I did it again (probably was the sixth or seventh time the name was finally saved.


I do have version 8.0 which was never upgraded into my computer.  Is there a chance I can update filemaker pro 8 edu mvla and still get all my data from version 6 to copy over?  I am not that computer savy and would need help to download or what ever needs to be done.  I am not the Administrator, but the secretary. 


Please help.  I need this  data base to work.