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    Problem with data base



      Problem with data base


      Yesterday I was putting names (3) in my Version 6 data base and had hit save after each new name, when I went back to find the names did not appear.  I looked for the names again this morning and they were no where to be found.  This afternoon I called our IT department and again typed in the name of one of the teachers, could not find it.  But when I did it again (probably was the sixth or seventh time the name was finally saved.


      I do have version 8.0 which was never upgraded into my computer.  Is there a chance I can update filemaker pro 8 edu mvla and still get all my data from version 6 to copy over?  I am not that computer savy and would need help to download or what ever needs to be done.  I am not the Administrator, but the secretary. 


      Please help.  I need this  data base to work.

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          Whenever you enter data and then can't find it, a possible explanation is that your file is damaged. Try recovering the file--which rebuilds all the indexes--among other things and see if the recovered copy works correctly. If it does, replace your file with an undamaged back up. Don't rely on the recovered copy to work correctly as the "repair" may have altered the design of your database in unexpected ways.


          If you have a functional copy of filemaker that is newer, it's worth a try to see what you get when you attempt converting the data base to the newer version. Launch FMP 8 and use File | Open to find and open your FMP 6 file. It will create a new converted copy of your file while leaving your original copy unchanged. Test your new copy and see if it works correctly. If it does not, you may find that only a few simple "fixes" are needed to complete the conversion.