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Problem with date format on shared database

Question asked by carlsson_1 on May 3, 2011
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Problem with date format on shared database


This is a really strange problem.

One of our databases use the US date format instead of the Swedish. Ie, instead of "2011-05-03", it says "05/03/2011".

- Use system format is checked.

- Other databases on the same server works as they should.

- This is a copy from one of the working databases that works as it should.

- When scripting a search, there is a difference between "Insert Calculated Result" and "Set field". Both is using the same formula though (which is ""≤" & GetAsDate(Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ))"). Insert... sets the date to US format, Set field set it as System format. The upcoming dialogue though, presents the date in US format.

We have closed the database, opened it locally on a swedish client, and there it worked ok. When putting it on the server it doesn't work. This would have been understandable if ALL databases on the server behaved the same way, but the rest of them is working as they should.

Any ideas!?!

Clients: OS X and Windows. FM Pro Advanced 11.03
Server: Windows Server 2003 FM Server v11.02
Server language: English with swedish formats.