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Problem with Date Formats - Easy Fix?

Question asked by fredmckinnon on Jul 6, 2011
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Problem with Date Formats - Easy Fix?


Hey Gang,

I've got a problem with my "Date" field.  It's set to auto-enter the create date.  The current format of the field is:

Field Type:  Date
Filed Options:  Auto-enter "Creation" Date
In Layout mode, in the inspector, the "date" field is set with:

Data formatting:  Date

However, for some reason, there continues to be entries showing up (either from previous imports, or erroneous entry, not sure), that will show up as a "?" in my view.  When I click in the field where the ? is ... the date format will be like:


I can simply manually change it to 4/19/11 ... but this is taking forever, I have tens of thousands of entries that have a ? ... and they don't even sort properly ... if I sort by date, they are all scattered around.

Is there a simply fix to find all these dates in that dd-month-yy format and have them corrected automatically w/ a mass format?  I thought that by selecting the data format in the layout menu this would do it, but no such luck.