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Problem with editing fields on a New Window

Question asked by dumiya on Aug 7, 2011
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Problem with editing fields on a New Window



The file has 2 Tables

The Planner Table (with an Events table portal linked by date and time) to the Events table.

I have no trouble switching back and forth between the tables.

But to make the planner work easily I want to open a Event Table window on the Planner window.

If I make no changes to the records in the portal while in a Planner Layout I can open a new window  edit the contents of the Events table itself.  This is good. 

But if I make any change to the contents of related field in the Planner events portal I am locked out unless I select another events portal field  in another Planner record then go back to the one I want to edit

It seems if I make a change there is a link formed that I cannot break. I cannot find any bit of script that clears the connection. And allows me to edit the Events table in a New Window

 I get this window popping up:

"This record cannot be modified in this window because it is already being modified in a different window"

 I would appreciate some advice.

 (Sorry if it sounds confused but it hard to explain


IMac FM11  OS10.7