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Problem with Filtered Value List

Question asked by john.s on Feb 15, 2014
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Problem with Filtered Value List


     I have a table of Sports with a field for Season…1 for Fall Sports, 2 for Winter Sports, 3 for Spring Sports.  On a job creation layout I have set up a field for each season with a pop up.  I've created three calculated fields on the Sports table one for each season g_FallSports, g_WinterSports and g_SpringSports with the value of the season…each is a global storage field.  I created three self join tables linking the global field to the season field. I've tried several relationships but the current one is as follows:

     Jobs >---Sports >---Sports | Fall 

                                  >--- Sports | Winter

                                   >--- Sports | Spring

     Jobs::_fk_SportID to Sports::_pk_SportID       Sports::Season  to Sports | Fall:g_FallSports  Each occurrence linked to its season

     I created three Value Lists based on Sports with include only related values from Sports | Fall  and the next value list uses Winter etc.

     When the pop up using the Fall Sports Value list works  the others return a <no Value List>

     I've checked the obvious and all fields are of the same type the values are correct and they are all global values.

     What am I missing?  In an earlier attempt I had three occurrences of the Sports Table each linked to a different Self Join for the season and that produced the same results.