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Problem with filtering portal with drop down list

Question asked by petertoo on Aug 21, 2009


Problem with filtering portal with drop down list


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I am new to Filemaker. Below is the question I have. Appreciate if someone can help. (the content is quite long. thanks for your patient!).


I have a layout called “Employee training”. Let's say this layout contains one portal and one drop down list (for example). Layout content look like as below (with demo data)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  "Employee training" layout top  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


-- Portal top --

             [Training name][Training description][Registered employee]..

Row 1->   Training A           Presentation skill       Employee A, Employee B

Row 2->   Training B            Reporting skill          Employee B, Employee C

-- Portal bottom --



<drop down list>

Option 1-> Show All

Option 2 -> Employee A

Option 3-> Employee B

Option 4-> Employee C


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  "Employee training" layout bottom <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Initially three tables created for this layout.

Training (id, training name, training description,Registered employee,..).

Register (id, training_id, employee_id)

Employee (id, employee name,...).

And tables relationship are as following:


Training           Register       Employee

   id          =     training_id

                      employee_id = id


One training can be registered by many employees, and one employee can register many trainings.

Tables may contain data look like this for our demo layout.



[id][Training name][Training description]  [Registered employee] ...         

1        Training A       Presentation skill    Employee A, Employee B      

2        Training B       Reporting skill         Employee B, Employee C       




1           1               1

2           1               2

3           2               2

4           2               3



[id][employee name]..

1     Employee A

2     Employee B

3     Employee C


Portal created base on a training self-join table. [Registered employee] is a calculation field in Training table. [Registered employee] = Substitue(List(Employee::Employee name);"¶";","). The purpose is to make a comma list for the employees who have registered for the training. (for example: [Registered employee] in row 1 is “Employee A, Employee B”.


Now, the problem pop up, I would like to see portal can be filtered by drop down list. For example: if Employee A is selected in drop down list, only row 1 (in above demo portal/layout) should be displayed. But I have no luck on this.


Below is how I created my drop down list.

1) Created a value list (use custom values -- purpose is to have "Show All" option) and named it “Employee_VL”. Input value:

'Show All


Employee A

Employee B

Employee C'


2) Created a text global field “gEmployee” in Employee table.

3) Created a calculation field “calEmployee” in Employee table. And let calEmployee =

If (gEmployee = “Show All”; ValueListItems(Get(FileName); ”Employee_VL”); gEmployee)

4) Created another “Employee” table occurrence and named it “Employee_table2”.

5) Create relationship


Employee                Employee_table2

    id                 x            id

calEmployee     =     Employee name


6) In layout mode of "Employee training" layout, created a drop down list field. Set display values from “Employee_VL” and set display data from Employee::gEmployee.


7) Go back to browse mode, test it out but with no luck.


Any idea on how to make this drop down list work? Thank you in advance!