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    Problem with find



      Problem with find


      Hi there


      Me again with another beginner problem!


      I have a table (Contacts) which includes four fields representing fours mailing lists that a contact might be subscribed to.  Each of these four fields is a checkbox set containing a single value.


      I'm trying to perform a find to filter which contacts are subscribed to a particular mailing list, but the find will only work on one of the checkboxes.  When I try to run a find on the others it says no records could be found although I know there are around 400 contact subscribed to at least one of the lists and on each of their records the checkbox is selected.  


      Any ideas?

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          I seem to have solved my own problem.  


          The fields were set as numeric although, when I set the field to an edit box, the data contained in them was text.  I've now changed them to text fields and the finds seem to be working!