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Problem with Font Humana Serif

Question asked by TriciaThompson-Browne on Sep 14, 2011


Problem with Font Humana Serif


I have used Humana Serif in all FMP databases for as long as the font has been available but on opening my main database this week, all data was blank ... zip ... zilch. As I wandered through the layouts, I noticed some text was visible and finally figured out that the font, Humana Serif, was the issue.  I changed the font on all layouts and data was all there. Phew !  

However, I disabled the font in Fontbook but it was still showing in the font list on FMP. I renabled it in Fontbook and on opening FMP again it is no longer in the list???. I chucked the plist for fontbook. I checked some other programmes and it didn't work in Word (for Mac) but works in Stickies and Mail but not in Quicken. Quicken and Word are old programmes. 

Anybody got any ideas about what's going on, why it would suddenly stop working (was fine the night before!) and how to fix it. 


Tricia in Bermuda