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    Problem with Go to related recod



      Problem with Go to related recod


      Hi ,

      I have Uploaded my snaps at hot file, i have  psoted here pls download and see , tahat will help you to get better understanding what i really need to be done

      i had FMP solution used  44 sep files. i am going to make it under 01 file with many tables.

      my problem

      i have 2 tables called Cantacts, and Activity log

      this link wia contact ID

      under contact i have script called create new activity , this  gives option you to create new activty file related to that customer. eg : letter or Envelop or email , phone call, this is just like record , and this will list down under contacts . so you can see the what activities you made for that relevent customer. and for the monent this is working . but the problem is i cant see the relavent record.  All the activities list down on portal. there is button in portal it should direct you to that perticuler record whcih you created. 

      eg : button -> |Date| Action type | Time| Status| Ref| Action ID|

      in my old data base i use the go to related record with Use the Externam Tables' Layout function, so it call to activity log file and show the result.

      but in new file  i canot see that is working because i cant enable , is that problem with relationship or ...

      can some one help me pls

      image DL locations