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Problem with Import Field Mapping

Question asked by rbrown on Jan 19, 2013
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Problem with Import Field Mapping


     We're running FMS12 and FMPA12.  I'm having trouble importing records from multiple vendors into one table.  Each vendor provides their data as a CSV file.  Each vendor provides a different number of fields in their CSV file and they name their fields differently.  My table contains basic fields like Invoice Date and Invoice Number, etc.  The problem I'm having is with the import field mapping.  Since each vendor's data is a little different I have a script for each one that does the import.  I can't seem to get each of the scripts to SAVE the correct field mapping.  I can get one of them to work just fine and it works over and over (arranged by "last order") but as soon as I try to import another vendor's data it fails because the import field mapping needed is different.  Any ideas?


     Ron Brown