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Problem with Import Script and Excel

Question asked by aammondd on May 4, 2010
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Problem with Import Script and Excel


I have a script that imports records that come from a pre-formated excel file. The file names change so I don't specify a file in the script but the template is the same and there is a defined sheet for the import. I have however specified an import order.


However as long as the perform without dialog box is checked the script throws the error that no fields were selected for import even when we select the file name and the appropriate sheet.


However if I uncheck the perform without dialog box in the script step the dialog box comes up with the import order correctly set and I can have it go on its merry way.


This seems very odd to me. Is this behavior because Im not specifying the file but still trying to maintain the import order?


Im on FMP 10 Advanced. The database is served on FMP 11 Server.