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    Problem with import script step



      Problem with import script step


      We have an interesting problem with import records script step, using Filemaker Server 10 and Filemaker Pro 10.

      The script is very simple, importing records from the same file, from one table into another, but today we discovered that the mappings were all wrong. Having checked older backups, we have discovered that somehow the ids of the fields were changed. The only difference between older backup file and a current one is one summary field (not used in the import script step). It appears that having deleted that summary field, field ids were "shifted", for example the field  "NAME" had  id 10, after deletion of the field "ADDRESS" id of NAME became 9. Seems impossible, but that was the only difference we could find.

      Any ideas?


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          I believe that you've hit the 'spontaneous import map' bug.  It's been around forever and FMI will not fix it.  It has been reported many times and it causes major data loss.  FMI FINALLY posted a single sentence in Knowledge Base but most people never see it and it continues to hurt their customers daily.

          It is one of the reasons I have lost all respect for FMI.

          See here for one example:  Spontaneous import bug still there!!

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            Thanks a lot. The only solution then is to avoid import whenever possible, however that still doesn't mean that the bug shouldn't have been fixed a long, long time ago. 

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              Another work around that may work for you is to keep the field names the same in both target and source tables and use the Matching Names option during import. This may or may not be a workable option for you depending on the design of your tables.

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                Of course, Phil, thanks for mentioning that.  However, most times when importing from external sources, we cannot control the field names.   What I do is use direct relationships and write each field directly through using Set Field[].  Since you are connecting the tables via 'handshake', there is no way it can break.

                And yes, they should fix it.  But you will find that FMI is great at producing new kinky trendy things to boost sales but they are not so keen at making what they've sold work properly.

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                  Thanks Phil, it could work out, unfortunately, applicable only in certain cases.

                  LaRetta, not fixing serious issues like this one surprises me the most. (I am new to Filemaker, however, have experience with other databases).