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Problem with importing and keeping records id

Question asked by spaindc on Jun 20, 2010
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Problem with importing and keeping records id




I'm using FileMaker Pro 11 on windows vista


I have been using an online database which has suffered major changes and is about to be bought, so I came to filemaker to make sure I'll not loose the data!


I'm trying to import my data into new tables... each record has a unique id I want to keep due to crossovers with other tables...

However, filemaker won't let me import records fields into a calculation field (I want the id to be automated to make sure it's done properly and that it's unique).


If I change the field to text or number I can import it... but when I change to calculation (for future records), it overwrites ALL records, which is not a problem by itself but I loose the id, which renders useless my links to other tables...


HELP!!! (if you understood ;-))