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Problem with Imports from Excel

Question asked by fredmckinnon on May 16, 2014
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Problem with Imports from Excel


     Hey Gang,

     I've been having this trouble for quite some time and finally got frustrated enough to post for help.

     I'm using FileMaker 11.0v4.  I connect remotely to a FM web server.

     My issue is with importing.  I have to do a lot of imports of FedEx and UPS bills where the Order # on the bill matches the order # in filemaker, it adds the shipping amount for us.

     What happens almost 100% of the time is that I do the import, and even though I have the matching field indicated, it doesn't notice/match the entries, so it creates all new entries for every row in the spreadsheet.   EVERY TIME, even though the fields match perfectly.  

     I then "delete all found records" and run the import again, exactly the same without doing anything differently, and everything matches and syncs up and the import works perfectly.

     What could be causing this where it fails on the first attempt, every time --- and then, works flawlessly on the 2nd attempt ... every time?

     Just to summarize:

     Import Records > File > Update Matching records in found set
     (add remaining data as new records is checked, as is don't import first record)

     My matching field is enabled (arrows pointing in both directions) to the correct target field.

     Click import -- it runs (it seems to run very quickly, btw) and completes, saying NO ERRORS, yet, it didn't match anything and created 100% new records.

     Delete found all records in found set (that were just created w/ the import)

     Go back to Import Records - and do the same exact thing w/ the same exact file without modfying anything, it works 100% perfectly.

     Every time.