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Problem with IWP when the user hits the enter key

Question asked by pbcgirl on Apr 6, 2010


Problem with IWP when the user hits the enter key


I have a relatively simple database the has two tables.  One contains 4 fields (Products).  The other contains 19 fields (Customers). 


My solution is done using IWP:  When the user finds a product the portal provides a list of customers that purchased that product.  I have a drop down menu in the portal next to each customers name that the user will select a new suggested product for each customer.  When the user is done selecting the sugg. product I have a button that saves the entries.


However, what is happening is the user is hitting the enter button instead of the pre-established save button.  The tables are connected via product number.  The portal looks back onto itself for the dropdown menu.  When the user hits the enter key the product title gets repeated in the product table exponentially ( the first time the title goes from one time to two times(separated with a carriage return) then the next time enter is hit on this portal there are 4 titles then 8 titles, then 16 titles.


I am clueless.  I don't have any idea why this is happening.  Nothing is ever written back to the table.  I basically use it as a lookup table.


This never happens with a client connection only via IWP and it happens with the enter key is hit while in the portal.