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Problem with linked drop-down fields with same values.

Question asked by joebanh on Oct 23, 2009
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Problem with linked drop-down fields with same values.


Hi all,

1. I'm using Filemaker Pro 10

2. My operating system is: windows XP SP 3


I'm currently working on a museum exhibition data base and I currently have on drop down menu that is linked to a value list. I need to add 2 more fields with a drop down menu that will be populated with the same values from the same values list. My problem is that once I've created the 2 extra fields and made them into drop-down menus and linked to the proper content (value list), for some reason when I go to use one of the fields, all of them show the same item that I select. Thus, if in field 1 I select, 'apple' from the drop-down menu, it makes the other 2 fields also show 'apple'. Why are they linked like this? Can somebody please advise?


I'm am very new to Filemaker and database work in general and can barely use Excel. SO...that's my level of expertise. Thanks very much for any assistance.