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Problem with list view in Instant Web Publishing

Question asked by mmccarty on Apr 22, 2009
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Problem with list view in Instant Web Publishing


I created a database with several list view layouts. In these layouts, Each record has a button next to it to take the user to related records on another layout.  I hide the status bar so that this is the only way for my users to move through my database.

I don't ever exceed the 25 record limit per page so my users should see all their options on one screen.  The problem is if the user clicks any of the records the screen changes and not all the records are visible anymore.  For example, say I have 15 records and the user clicks anywhere near record 7, then the screen changes and now they can only see records 7-15.  So the only way for the user to see all the records is for them to always be in the First record.  Isn't there a way to see all the records in list view even if you are in say the 7th?