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    Problem with lookup



      Problem with lookup


           Hi, I'm having a minor problem with my lookups. I have an invoice table and in this table there is a portal for inputting line items. I've setup the table so that whenever I choose who the customer is the price will change depending on who the customer is and it will trigger once I input the product code on the portal. Problem is, the price doesn't auto enter on the price field and I have to either go to another layout or open the filemaker menu for the price to appear in the portal. Can someone tell why the price doesn't appear automatically. Here's the code I used for the trigger:

           Let ( Trigger = Product Code ;


                    Case (DB List::Pricelist = "Pricelist A" ; Product List DB::Pricelist A;
                              DB List::Pricelist = "Pricelist B"; Product List DB::Pricelist B)