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Problem with Open Remote in FM Networking

Question asked by RexSmith on Dec 22, 2014
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Problem with Open Remote in FM Networking


I am trying to setup small FM sharing using FM Pro 12 between four computers. The host is using FM Pro 12 during most of the working day. 3-4 client computers need to occasionally access the FM Pro 12 database during the day. Network sharing is on all the computers. But when a client tries to open the hosted database through the client "open remote", the FM Pro 12 database does not appear. The host IP address is visible in the open remote box, but the opened database file is not present. If I try to open the host database on the client using fmnet:/ipaddress/ file, I get an error message stating that the file is not available or cannot be found.

Suggestions to solve this problem will be much appreciated.

Thanks, Neal