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Problem with Open Remote on FM Network

Question asked by bradthelad on Aug 10, 2011
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Problem with Open Remote on FM Network


Hi all,

I have a database that was originally written in v5.5 and has been upgraded over the years and is now current with v11.  Only one computer on my LAN has v11, while the others have v8.5.  I am trying to use the earlier version to open the file using the Open Remote function and am encountering an error in that the db cannot be seen on the remote computer.  All computers are configured with FMNetwork turned on and all users have access. I have hosted the file using v8.5 and the file is visible and can be opened remotely, so clearly the network functions. The file uses one advanced function (resize windows) that is not available in v8.5. Clearly there is some incompatibility, and if there is a way to aleviate the problem it would be very useful.  I appreciate any help.